Reykjavik’s Culture of Punk and Street Art

DSC_0344DSC_0346Reykjavik's culture of punk and street artIMG_4858DSC_0472DSC_0381EDIT

For those with an interest in the world of arts and culture, Reykjavik is the city to visit.

Reykjavik, is a unique city bursting with culture and colour. The streets are covered with art, some making people aware of current affairs and others simply showing the creativity of the city. The colourfulness brings the city alive, because architecturally speaking, it is far from beautiful or intricate.


Within minutes of walking into the centre you are aware that it is a city which takes pride in being far from the norm. Every corner you turn offers something different for example little independent shops, inviting you to learn more about the Icelandic Culture. If I was to describe Reykjavik in one work, it would be ‘quirky’.


After only being in the city a few hours it became apparent that there was a big punk culture, bumping into colourful punks hanging around on street corners doing their own thing, free of conformity and a normal lifestyle. The punk scene obviously isn’t as good as it was in the 80’s and 90’s, however they have a lot of nostalgia towards the culture.


It was only in the 70’s that Iceland started to find its own voice in popular music and then punk arrived and exploded everything. A lot of artists get inspired by the beautiful weather change, the nature and of course the grime of the city. Unlike the hippies, the punks in Iceland went beyond copying their foreign influences and managed to create something truly unique.

reykjavik's culture of punk and street art


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