100 years of Vogue, Manchester

Gabi Davidson, Maryam Al-Ansari and Becky Coates


During review week we travelled to Manchester, it is a great city, full of culture. So we took the opportunity to do some Street Photography before heading to the art gallery. Maryam being more familiar with the city was our tour guide for the day, taking us to hidden gems such as art cafes and skate wear shops. We also visited Aflex palace and the Printworks, taking in the environment and producing great photos along the way.


We were aware of Vogue exhibition through out class mates who had visited Manchester for there Fashion module. Due to us not going with them, we thought this would be a great exhibition to cover with easy access on the train. It was also a great opportunity to build out portfolios and research for relevant modules.


Throughout the day Gabi was allocated the duty of sending out Tweets to tease the photojournalist staff of where we were going, but we may have given the game away in the end. Using the hashtag #pjreview16 we took photographs of our journey to the Vogue exhibition.

When entering the exhibition we got some good footage and photographed until we were stopped and told we were not aloud to photograph the exhibition. However we were able to get a good outcome which was very representative of the exhibition.


When entering the Vogue exhibition they showed a promo fashion video, involving models such as Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss. They screened the video on three walls of a room, allowing the audience to be absorbed in the sublime footage.


The main room of the exhibition had a high sealing allowing the curators a large area to arrange the images. The photographs were blown up in a collage of coloured frames in all shapes and sized. Leaving the viewers in ore of the images Vogue has produced over the past decades.


Each area of the exhibition was themed by time, showing the evolution of fashion throughout the past 100 years. The exhibition showed Vogues images in various formats ranging from small delicate first edition prints, to large billboard sized prints. Images were arranged differently in every room of the gallery, some following a basic arrangement and framing style others in coloured frames representative of the photograph within.


Overall from visiting Manchester to see Vogue’s historical fashion archive it really opened our eyes to how influential fashion photography is. They had photographs from past decades, attracting a mass audience of all age groups. A great day full of culture and great coffee!!!



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