London, England

London eye peaking over the historic building. 
Typical ‘I love London’ merchandise.

In November 2013, my family took me on a birthday trip to London, which happened to fall on memorial weekend, 11.11.2013. I expected busy streets on the Sunday; however the whole weekend was filled with magic from the Lord Mayor’s parade, with fireworks on the River Thames, to seeing the Queen and Royal family paying their respects outside Westminster Abbey, during the minute silence.


London Bus advertising West end show, ‘Singin’ in the Rain’. 
London Eye in the background of a sticker filled lamp post. 

There as a magnificent sense of unity throughout London, an unforgettable experience; this was topped off with a West End performance of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and visiting Baker Street, home of Sherlock Holmes.


Silhouette on Big Ben, over the River Thames.  
Sun highlighting the London Eye, over the River Thames. 

London has a lot to offer, being the capital of London it is full of historical landmarks. For example the Houses of Parliament at its heart, the iconic Big Ben clock tower and Westminster Abbey. Which are all across the Thames from the London Eye. London is a leading Global city within Entertainment, Arts and Fashion, but overall it is one of the most Historical Cities of our time.


Police man, managing the crowd awaiting the arrival of the Queen.

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