Hoarders House, Droitwich

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Tucked away just off Junction 5 off the M5, lies the abandoned Cottage farm better known as the Hoarder’s House. From the roadside it seems nothing more than an overgrown garden, however just over a Gothic gate rests the ruins of the house of MP David Godfrey Howells and his wife Ida Howells.

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Approaching the house, the amount of objects the couple collected becomes apparent, bags of old toys, clothes and electrical equipment from a by gone era have been abandoned on the overgrown surrounding land.

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The farm house on the outskirts of Droitwich, Worstershire has been abandoned for the past two decades by David Godfrey, several years after his wife unfortunately passed away in 1990. The house was originally his parent’s house, Alfred, as David grew up there, it was known as a milk farm amongst many other things.

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This is the house where time stood still, it seems like nothing has been touched since the house was occupied. There is easy access into the house through the back windows, which have been previously put through. The floors are mounded with clothes, magazines and old documents including birthday cards, identifying the home owners.

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A suit blazer hangs untouched over the fireplace, only the thick bass of dust layering the black blazer shows the time which has passed. Further old appliances, videos and books fill the ground floor, making the kitchen not accessible.

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The house has been subject to light vandalism, as it is set back from the road within the woodland, one of the main attractions to this location in the past was the large amount of classic cars which the couple used to collect, however even though the large buildings still stand on the grounds, only the odd tire and oil can can be found.

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From looking at google maps, it seems that all of the cars have been removed through the neighbouring fields. Doing further research on the urban site, some will try and blame the disappearance of the motors and parts on car forum websites. They would loot the cars for their classic parts and use them on restoring their motors or sell them, as they have great value.

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This is a very interesting urban structure, the Hoarders House, former home of David and Ida Howells is still filled with interesting artefacts, however from looking at past reports it appears a lot of the more interesting hoards have been removed, it’s now a memorial of a bygone era.

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