Barracks Mill, Macclesfield




Barracks Mill was originally established back in 1924. Located on Black Lane in Macclesfield, the abandoned factory has been a derelict eye sore since 2004 when a fire ripped through the factory, this was an due to an act by arsonists.



Most of the interior has been gutted and some of the floors are unstable, this is evidence that the building is rapidly decaying.


As you clamber into the large empty space, the metal structures creek in the wind. the many large former workshops, they are like a maze with plants covering some of the rooms from ceiling to floor.


Venturing further in you will come across a staircase leading to pure darkness and it was obvious why. the ceiling from the room above was completely caved in.


Furthermore it is clear that the space has been occupied by kids, since no restorations have started on the building. some say they are just kids seeking adventure, others would claim infiltration leads to vandalism. This is due to some of the walls being covered in graffiti art. However as stated in the Macclesfield Express, ‘Local Police are urging kids to stay out,’ due to it being a very dangerous area.









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