Caudwell Children Charity


Caudwell Children’s charity aims to ‘empower’ disabled children to reach their full potential and furthermore they offer emotional support for their families. Caudwell is a national charity dedicated to improving the lives of sick and disabled children in the UK.

Sara Coates talks about how she came across the charity and made it part of her life, “we have always done charity things with families in need, helped with scouts, so when I came across Caudwell Children, I thought I will look into it, and it is from there that for the past 4 years I have been a volunteer for the charity.”

They have a variety of different types of fundraising events such as their annual colour run, climbing mountains all over the globe, however some have taken the challenge of spreading charity awareness to the next level, a challenged themselves to trekking the Sahara Desert.

“Fundraising is quite fun really,” to quote Sara Coates, “it is through fundraising that I have made loads of new friends, we do a lot of different things like bag packing, fire walks, a 3legged race up Mow Cop and even charity curry nights.” This shows that it can always be a fun occasion to raise funds for a great cause.

Additionally, to the good they do all year around, Caudwell Children have one large event which the years fundraising goes towards, each December a team called Destination Dreams, part of Caudwell sends 25 families, along with a team of specialist volunteers and medical team to Disney World, Florida, giving terminally ill children who would usually not have this opportunity to live their dreams.

“To be a volunteer on a trip like destination dreams is quite a privilege really,” to quote Sara Coates, who has helped upon this trip for 4 years, “to get 20-25 families together as a group and take them on holiday to somewhere like Florida is a magical experience.”  

The amazing thing about Caudwell Children is that every penny given to the charity goes to the Children, this is due to the chairman, John Caudwell, covering all the organisations running costs, 100% of funds raised goes to improving terminally ill children’s lives. They are truly committed to changing the lives of children.

“As a Volunteer it is just little things such as carrying bags, pushing a wheelchair and just keeping an eye upon the little children, just things that come natural really to you, but you don’t realise what an impact it makes on the families.”  

To date Caudwell children has provided over £37 million worth of services to over 20,000 sick children with over 560 different medical conditions. This includes providing specialist direct family support, equipment, treatments, therapy and their enable sport services for terminally ill children.

“It is very exhausting but extremely rewarding.”


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