Happy as a Pig

Happy as a Pig.

Looking into the recent hype over owning a piglet and why they make great companions.

IMG_3689edit.pngWhen you initially think of having a pet, the usual thoughts are, ‘a dog, cat maybe’ but imagine walking in to a pig running around the house.

However, many people believe pigs are the perfect companions, for example animal sanctuary workers, who work closely with pigs believe that they are more similar to humans, than we would first guess.

IMG_3654edit.pngMuch like humans, pigs enjoy listening to music, playing with soccer balls, and getting massages. Along with cooling off in a pile of mud, this may tell us why pigs are excellent companions but who would be crazy enough to own one?

Many celebrities have got into the ‘piglet hype’, back in summer 2014, Singer Miley Cyrus adopted her, pint sized, piglet ‘Bubba sue’. Cyrus showered her Instagram with photos of the piglet in jumper’s dresses and even with her hooves painted red.

IMG_3678edit.pngBut Miley isn’t the only one known to loose there minds over owning pampered pigs, stars such as Paris Hilton, Tori Spelling, Reese Weatherspoon but the most high- profile PORKER by far has to be George Clooney’s beloved potbellied pig called Max.

The whopping, 300-lb pig lived with the Oscar winner got 18-years, up until his death in 2006. After his passing George told, ‘USA TODAY’ that “Max was a star and has been a huge part of my life”. And when asked if he would ever own another pig, he claimed, “I think Max covered all my pig needs.”

IMG_3686edit.pngFurthermore, Sir Winston Churchill felt strongly on the matter of pigs intelligence, and felt they were a splendid companion.


 “Dog’s look up to man,
Cats look down to man,
Pigs look us straight in the eye,
and see an equal.”


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