Paul Walker Car Gathering

Paul Walker, Car gathering  30/11/2014


Commemorating the deceased actor and speed addict, in a way he would be able to relate too on the anniversary of his tragic death, cars from far and wide convoyed down to a shopping village in Leicester.

Paul Walker, best known for his role in ‘The Fast and Furious’ franchise, died in a fiery single-car crash back in November 2013 aged 40. Being passenger in a Porsche at the time the driver lost control, evidentially crashing into a tree, both killed at the scene. Quite ironic the one time he isn’t in control of the modified car, as in the fast and furious movies.IMAG0413

This event is one people will not be forgetting for a long time, this is a man who has inspired a generation of car enthusiasts, and died doing what he loved best, speed.

In some ways I see the actor’s death as an event which young drivers can learn from, as the stats for teenage deaths on the road has risen significantly. And are now clamping down on young drivers because of this, ‘penalising them at any opportunity’ said Ash Hart, admin for local car group.

However, as teenagers well know the freedom which comes with the novelty of driving, does have boundaries. Personally from knowing people who have died or being seriously injured through car accidents it is horrific.IMAG0419

When interviewing Ash Hart, twenty-three admin for Festival Park reunited, about the new arrival of a car group within Stoke-on-Trent said the reason it commenced was because, “we are all there because we love cars, and want to appreciate others. That is the main aspect of the meet.”

And furthermore with local police forces being hot onto gatherings like Festival Park Reunited, I asked him how the police viewed the meets, his response being, “They always have one view in mind and that’s to protect the public. The public see us as a disturbance and being anti-social so they like to crack down on the meets.”

IMAG0461Evidentially car groups from far and wide have arranged a convoying down to Leicester, where a large memorial gathering of modified cars will be taking place. Somewhere modified cars can be appreciated and talked about without the element of speed, in respect Paul Walker.

“If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.” – Paul Walker.



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