Amsterdam – Night Photography

Amsterdam at Night


Amsterdam can only be described as a labyrinth of streets, canals, bikes and the coffee-shops which consume you through their leaning terrace streets. With a growing population of over 800,000 people, the city was constantly alive. Amsterdam is a city that never sleeps, the streets glowing with lights and roaring with the sound of people laughing, lurks in the air.



Our Brief while photographing the madness was night photography, and practicing using the lights in our own favour. When I was told this my initial thought was that I wanted a photograph from a bridge over the canal over-looking the red light district. With the risks high taking photographs of potential prostitutes, I had to be careful. Night photography takes patience and a steady hand. Also by changing the shutter-speed and white balance I got the images I set out to get.


Amsterdam is a welcoming place at night, it has so much to offer as the attractions stay open until late, such as the coffee shops and museums. Furthermore the streets are covered with food stalls, with fresh crepes, German sausages and market stalls.

Amsterdam’s has a reputation for being seedy, with sex clubs and erotic shows, where however it’s full of life and culture and I felt over whelmed with the amount of colours which are constantly surrounding you. Within the day the best place to be is in the many art galleries such as the Van Gogh Museum, or Foam photography studio which is currently home to Vivienne Mayer’s work.

IMG_2915 IMG_2924 IMG_2969 IMG_2931 IMG_2927

This chaotic city is enchanting and an inspirational place for young adults, it is without a doubt within the top 10 to visit while backpacking.

Photographs by Becky Coates. 13/11/2014


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