Ultimate Stance Car Show

Ultimate Stance, Telford International Centre

Sunday 2nd November 2014

An array of different cars showed up for the annual Ultimate Stance show in Telford this weekend.






People with all types of modified cars turned up to show off their rides, with car parks packed out surrounding the international centre it promised to be an impressive event. With three main rooms full of glittering paint work and a strong sent of polish lingered in the air, without doubt the effort put into each vehicle was obvious. Furthermore with a promise of Ultimate prizes, the tensions were high when the show and shine judgment took place.

Alongside the show cars were stalls advertising car groups and products, furthermore along with a few ramps for BMX riders to show off their rides. Attracting all types of people with the same interest in modified cars. However what attracts them to Ultimate Stance?

Thomas Pickford, 20 part of a local car group Frankendubs, helped to answer this question, “I attend a lot of moderate car gathering but Ultimate Stance is like no other, it gives me inspiration on what to do with my little Volkswagen.” Further adding, “The atmosphere is always awesome because you feel part of an elite group of enthusiasts, appreciating other peoples rides. Shame its such an expensive hobby.”


Thomas Pickford, 20, outside the Ultimate Stance building, part of Frankendubs car club.


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